Monday, May 28, 2012

Mirzuno Passion Mt Faber run race pack collections 2 & 3 June 2012

Received a reminder SMS from the organizer yesterday 'Thank you for registering the Mizuno PAssion Mt Faber Run 2012. Race Pack Collection is happening on 2 & 3 June at Velocity @ Novena Square from 12pm to 8pm.'

Today I reached @ Novena Square about 6.30pm. Surprisingly there were no queue. I just proceed to the counter and got my race pack. A Mirzuno running shirt, a water bottle, bid, a pierce of paper printed the guide for bid placement & the route map and some discount coupon.
I hope I can finish the 10km run as for the past two weeks I was down with flu and that really affect my training. From my training records, the longest distance was 8km in pasir ris park. How to finish a 10km run with a lot of up slope? My friend advise me to run-walk-run. I told her I probably will do walk-walk-walk :P
Well, no matter how I will still try my best.

Happy running


  1. oh i remember my mizuno run last yr...twas excruciating but amzing experience after finishing with all that steep-ness hehe ul luv it! gudluck! :)

  2. Thanks..
    I just hope that I can finish within that 2 hrs time
    Worried that by the time I reach the end point, no one is there. :p