Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My first 5k Run

I did my first 5k run with my friend. I travelled all the way to her place (took me an hour bus journey) and I know I will get motivated to run as the place we picked are full of people running and running with my friend for sure I will not just give myself some laziness excuses. I never planned how far I will go and we started around 6pm that day.
I was trying to follow her pace and catch up with her but after about 200-300m run, I felt I am running out of breath and our gap distance getting bigger and bigger. It is really tiring.
So I decided to slow down and kept telling myself to concentrate with my own run. Do not bother about those who overtake you, do not bother about how far my friend way in front of me.  I just looked down, my eyes kept focus on the path I went through, I never raised my head just to concentrate my run. After about 2km, I saw my friend already making her turn and running in the opposite directions and wave to me. She was trying to tell me wait her somewhere near the bench where we started to run but I was too concentrate and I never got what she was trying to tell me. I just concentrate and run and I felt that I was getting more and more comfortable with the pace. which was about 10mins per km that time.
I was so surprise when I was able to make 4km and still feeling comfortable to run and continue to run. There were some guys BBQ in the park and one of the guy said 'even my slow walk faster than her'. He speak in some other language and the bad things is I do understand his language. I felt embarrassing and not dare to raise up my head and I ran all the way back to where my friend house and wait for her downstairs.
Seriously, that moment, I wish there is a hole and I can squeeze myself in. But somehow, this does not stop me from running. The next thing in my mind was, I can run. I just ran for 5km.  The distance really surprise me and that really motivate me a lot. Now I am able to finished 5km with slightly better timing than my first attempt and I am proud and happy that I did not gave up running that time, even someone teased me in the park. 
If you think you can not run and thinking people around you may tease and laugh at you, let them laugh.  Running is personal. Is only you and yourself. You had to focus to your own pace. Is not about catching up with your friends or running fast just let the people said you are fast and hurt yourself. No, its your running and its your own achievement.  That is what I learnt from my first 5k.
Happy running !

Couch Potato first 5k

Couch Potato first 5k

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