Monday, May 7, 2012

My first Run

My first official run was on 28 March 2012. I was running with a treadmill. How far I went? 1.90km. Which is only 1.18 miles with pace 9.58. 
How is it? I just felt I cannot catch up my breath. I was not running all the way 1.9km but run walk run.
I was so frustrated. I cant even go till 2km and I was dragging myself for the 1.9 and I felt embarrassing want to tell my friend the distance. My friend told me, its a good start and asked me to keep it up. 
Now look back to the records I track using the runkeeper. I am glad I make a move and start with 1.90km that time and now running for longer distance.

To those who still have not start to run, I think I know how you feel now when you read this as few months ago, I was thinking the same way. Running are boring and the person who run must be crazy. Well, after start with the 1.9, now I am joining the crazy group. :D

Happy running. 

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