Monday, June 18, 2012

Mizuno PAssion Mount Faber Run 2012 - My first 10km

Just finished the Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run yesterday. I woke up at 5am and heads out around 6am. Took the early train down to Jurong East and changed to the Green Line (East West Line) to Tiong Bahru. Kind of nervous as this is my first 10km run and I feel that I am undertrain as I was down with flu for two weeks. Luckily get recovered 2 weeks before the run and I still have time to do my 8km long run (My May and June training).
I had the place bookmark in my google calendar. Surprisingly, it was in the HDB area (Blk 123, Bukit Merah View)
The race started at 7.30am but I reached there around 7am (I was late). The place already full of runners busy warming up and I was still asking around looking for the bag deposit counter. They arrange it under the HDB building. After deposited my bag and had my energy banana (brought my own banana), I rushed to queue for the toilet. The queue was so long. Started to queue from 7.05am till 7.28am and I did not even got time to do the proper warm up. By the time I walked back to the assembly area, already heard the horn and everyone rushing out. I just walked to the waterpoint and grab my half cup of mineral water and rushed to the starting point. By the time I passed the starting point, I think I saw the timer was 1.18 from the gun time. I was so excited but nervous. As this is my first 10km and I hope I can finish the run within 2 hours (the cut off time) and I run it alone but excited as when everyone wearing the same singlet and doing the same thing together - Running and I am with them.
The run was quite relaxing with the road traffic well arrange for the runners safety. After about 3km, that is where I met my first slope and I am still running with a smile on my face and more to come. About 4km, everyone started to slowdown and some started to walk. I started to walk after my 5km. The slope is really a big challenge and I decided to stop and walk telling myself as long as I dont get myself injure, I still can run and finish this. 'There are more runs coming'.  But don't worry as after that, you can enjoy nice breeze and view and I started back to run before reached the Jewel cable car. It goes back to relaxing run mode. About 7km, the HDB building back in the scene and there was an uncle standing and holding the 7.5km board standing beside the road, smiling and cheering for the runners. 2.5km to go and I was still feeling ok. At the point of time, I told myself, 'yes, I think I can finish this'. As usual, I will look down to my feet and tell myself, 'See where they are going to bring me today' and I started to run with smile again ( people may think I am crazy).
When I was at my 9km, I saw some runner walked in the opposite directions of me, I waved to one of the guy and asked him, "finish?", he said "yes" and smile back. WoW they are really fast as I told myself and I started to speed up when I make a turn back to the Bukit Merah View HDB area. (for the last 1km)  :D  Crossing the finish line with a big smile. Hearing people shouting 'Congratulations' and handed me the finishing medal and drinks and my friend, wantet was already there supporting me and shot some photo of me crossing the finish line. Thanks for the support,wantet, this is really touching. As for her, woke up early in the Sunday morning, carrying the heavy camera, waiting under the hot sun in the finish line and shot for me. :D
For my running, I just rest for a few days to let my body recover and get back to training for my next target. 

Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run 2012, starting point
Everyone start to heads out from the HDB area. 
Me crossing the finish line.
Thanks to my friend wantet who came to support me and shot this for me.
Bid and finished medal, Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2012 
My timing is quite bad but I am glad I had finished this.
Result 216/317 

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