Saturday, June 30, 2012

Republic Run 2012 Race Pack Collections

This morning, my nephew and I walked to Republic Polytechnic to collect my race pack for this coming 7 July 2012 the Republic Run.  The race pack only available for collections start from today (30 June 2012 10 am). By the time we reached there, it was about 11.30am. There were no queue (Yeah!!). I went to get my bid number and proceed to get the other items (shoes bag, sponsors drink and running shirt). I like the running shirt as the size fit me well and the cutting is my favourite (dont have the deep cup on the back). After the collections, we decided to take bus due to the heats outside but the bad thing was we took smrt bus 911 and it took us about 15 mins instead of less than 10 minutes walk. :( 
Luckily my nephew was there to keep me accompany as he was kept talking to entertain me. Thanks Bryan.
Looking forward for the run next weekend.
Happy running !!!

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