Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shape Run 2012 Race Pack Collections

My friend helped me to pick up my race pack for the SHAPE Run 2012. Its only a map, a small booklet (mostly advertising the sponsor products), running singlet and a bid. That's All? But I remember I saw bags etc. Checked again, oh, you will only get the others items after you finished the run. This is good to encourage people to run on the day instead of you may ended up registered and get the race pack and end.
But one thing I dont really like about this is, when we registered online, the running shirts is running out of size ended up we had to get the bigger size. (I got 'M', supposing to get 'S').
This is the first time I registered for this run. I think this will be the last time as well.
1) Race pack collections - Marina Square, so far away.
2) cant get the size that fit me for the shirt.

But definitely this event had a lots of sponsors and they advertised it a lot.  The event should be quite fun.
Happy running !!

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