Monday, July 9, 2012

9 July 2012 - Easy and slightly faster Training

 Today I was so tired due to not enough of sleep. But the weather is so good.  After 30mins rest when reached home after work, I decided to go out for a short run. Did a 4.9km run and feels really good after the run.
Today I tried something new on my form. After reading the Hal Higdon book mentioning about the form of running. I tried to lift up my head (usual I will just look at about 30cm from my feet as I was not wearing specs during training, but today I followed what the book said, lift up my head and look far and concentrate. Surprisingly, I ran faster with that. Will try out this more and monitor. I definitely sure I am having a bad running form now but I do hope that I am able to adjust it slowly and change it to a better form and help me reserved my energy for longer run.
Happy running!!

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