Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4, last run before I rest for my weekend run

Just started to run back yesterday. Today is the 2nd day before resting for the weekend 10km run. Yes, this weekend I had a 10k run for Republic Run 2012. I just wish I can finish the run. Today, I did a little bit longer run, but still under 5km. After the run and check on the runkeeper record, I am still running too fast. I know that I will not be able to finish my 10km run if I started the run in this pace. I know I need to slow down for this weekend. Hence I think I am gonna on back the pace voice triggered on this weekend run just to remind myself to go slow so that I can finish it without any injury and with a smile on my face.
Today while I was running, I smiled to all the runners who past by. I met an uncle twice. First time, I gave him a node and a smile. 2nd time, I smiled to him again. He did a hand signed to me with a smile as return. But due to I was not wearing my specs, I cant see the hand sign as he was wearing black shirt and the lighting was not good at that place on that moment. But never mind, just feel good and smile to people who are doing training and exercise like you too. You will enjoy to say hi to people who pass by and thank you to those who give way to you and the nice view. :D

Happy running.

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