Saturday, July 7, 2012

Republic Poly Run 2012 - 10KM

Just finished the 10km Republic Run few hours ago. Its really fun and they had changed the route for 10km and the VIP late hence the start time for 10km get delayed from 5.15pm to around 5.38pm. I reached Republic Poly about 4:40pm and I ate my self-prepared banana before heading to the baggage deposit area. Nice to see some familiar faces in the run. Those who also joined the Mirzuno Mt Faber 2012 run. Overall review of the run, the road closure was really great as the runners do not need to stop for traffic lights etc. This is really great and the water point was somewhere at 3km, 6km and 8.5km and after the finish line (serving mineral water, :( no cold 100plus) and there was no water point at the start point (but there is a water cooler somewhere in the building, just before the escalator to the start point, -just beside the gens toilet).
For this run, I was telling myself to pace myself and run in the timing about 7:40 - 8:00 mins with my runkeeper set to report my pace every 15 mins. After the first 15 mins(running with less than 7mins pace), I slowdown myself and tried to keep in between the time range I was pre-planned, well, I just want to finish it with a smile and still able to walk home afterwards. I thought that the route is just some flat tar route but I was wrong as there are a few slope there and it is quite fun. I finished with 1:18:05, with avg pace 7.49 slightly better than my Mizuno Mt Faber run pace. :D new PR recorded.
The run surprise me with cold jia jia liang teh (加加凉茶) giving out at the finished line and also mineral water. I saw some other runners holding some box drinks(no idea what is it), but I dont have time to check on it as I know the baggage deposit area will be crowded so I direct heading to the place to withdraw my bag. It took me more than 1 hour to queue. There are too many people and seems like half way queueing, the queue suddenly disappeared where those behind us suddenly went in front of us and got their bags way before us (that is the bad thing about zig zag queue, sometime they will confuse which is the first and which is the end.) I finished the run before its started to rain, thinking I can rush home (about 2km walk) before the rain but unfortunately I only got my bag after the rain. But still, I was successfully to avoid the rain :P 

p/s: I heard some of the runners mentioning they are running 'Jurong Lake Run' tomorrow. WoW, thumbs up for them as for me, I am sure my legs need some rest to recover.

Republic Poly Run 2012, finisher medal

Republic Poly Run 2012, my timing

Republic Poly Run 2012, The finish lineRepublic Poly Run 2012, Heading to baggage deposit & Starting point

Republic Poly Run 2012, Starting point from farRepublic Poly Run 2012, Starting point

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