Monday, July 16, 2012

Shape Run 2012

I woke up early in the Sunday Morning and get prepared to go down for the Shape Run. This is my 3rd 10km run for my whole life and for this year as well. Special thanks to my boss who also joined the race and willing to fetch me up down to meet up with another friend in AMK and we got to the race place together by sharing cab from AMK to Golden Miles Complex (special thanks to both of them especially my boss and even be so generous and sponsor big portion for the cab fare.) 
Three of us reached there quite late as the start time of the race was 7am and we reached there about 6.30am.  I was way behind the 1:20 pacer when the race started.
The route of the run, not as exciting as I thought. As there are many looping and U-turn. After the 8km, the sun is killing me. (well, I think the best thing need to train to be fast runner is, to avoid the sun :D )
I crossed the finished line with the big seiko timing 1:10:xx . My run keeper tracking abt the same time but the distance seems a bit lesser than 10km. Overall, I am still enjoy the run and the waterpoint. But the baggage collection was really chaos with no clear Q after we crossed the finished line. They should hand over the baggage to us at the same time as they hand over the medal for us. But I was still enjoy the marigold orange yoghurt drink (Sorry to say, I took more than once as the big sun is killing me, I need something to cool down). 
Happy Running !! 
My next run, Yellow Ribbon 10km, no more easy route, more slopes.. See you there.
shape run 2012 SingaporeGoodie Bag for shape run 2012

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