Saturday, August 18, 2012

Calibrate my suuntoQuest Foot Pod

Using the SuuntoQuest for my training purpose. Used it on my regular run nearby my place. 200m short compared with Runskeeper in my iphone. I calibrated it. 2nd time, did a two round of 3.5km, it detected as 6.6km. I started to doubt the accuracy of runkeeper apps in my phone although the GPS always more trustworthy. But still I decided to do another round of calibration (suggested by my friend wantet, go to stadium with track 400m).
So I did, yesterday after work, I visited the stadium nearby (after 15mins walk). Did a first round 400m, the watch detected 390m, I calibrated it. Did the second round and stopped the watch after that, its about 39xm. Did the 3rd round and this time, it accurate detected 400m. Whats next?
Then I started my regular run (today suppose to be my long run for my training and should be about 12km). After making few laps, I felt boring. Running on the track is really nice as its soft and you feel good, your foot feel comfortable. But the only thing is looping. You got to go round and round and round with no view at all under the big spot light (when the days gets dark). After did a 7.7km I stopped. Because I was too thirsty and the place about to close. I should have push my self for the long distance or start to try out the Jeff Galloway method - Run walk Run which I read from the book. As from my own record, the longest distance I'd reached from training was 11.9km. 
Here is the training for yesterday. First 3 was the 1x400m and the last one was 7.78km. Total I did a 8.98km Run.
Happy Running.

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