Thursday, August 9, 2012

Morning Run on National Day off

Tried morning run today on National day off. Saw a lots of people exercise and running as well. Today I tried both the apps Nike+ and Runkeeper. Thinking to use the Nike+ if it is accurate enough as saw from some of the advertisement mentioning they will be donating shoes for the poor based on the run you clock. But surprisingly today, after 1hr16 mins run, Runkeeper showing 10.11km which is correct (as I know the big round I make in the park is about 5km and today I did it twice under the morning sun. When I open up the Nike+, its showing 1km. 
What I suspect was because I put both apps in sleep mode. Maybe I will need to try Nike+ in active mode in my phone. But if that is the root cause I will not use Nike+ apps in future as this will kill my phone battery. Well, seems like Runkeeper is more reliable in such case. Maybe Nike+ is more accurate with the handband/devices they provided.
For those who use the GPS from their phone, for the first time, maybe you would like to have more than one apps running for few times. This is to ensure if one of the apps breakdown, you still have another one as backup to track your mileage.
Good Luck and happy running. 

Nike+ GPS

Runkeeper GPS

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