Thursday, August 9, 2012

Newton Challenge 2012 vs Adidas King of the Road 2012

Newton Challenge for 18km & 30km on 28 Oct 2012 had extended their early birth registration for one more month. I remember during my registration previously, I saw the early bird will end on 31 July 2012. Now its been extended. Is it due to there is a clash of the other run on the same day? (Adidas King of the road at Garden By the bay) The adidas run this year sounds interesting with venue in the new opening Garden by the bay and as previous year, they offer 4 different type of colourful running jersey (although you will not get to choose which colour you prefer). 
I'd registered for Newton Challenge 18km as a headsup for my year end Standard Chartered half marathon  (first trial). Why Newton Challenge? Because its 18km instead compare with Adidas 16.8km, the registration for both of the run is about the same. SGD45 for early bird. Another reason I choose Newton Challenge because they provide transportation, even I had to pay SGD6 for the one way transport but at least I dont need to spend more for paying a taxi to bring me down to the place. What else, one more thing which is important, the race route. Well, if you feel like want to do a moire than 10km  run during month of October, you still able to get an early bird pricing for Newton Challenge Run.

Below are the comparison tables.

Newton Challenge Adidas King of the Road
Distance 18km or 30km 16.8km
Place East Coast Parkway Garden By the Bay
Shuttle Bus Yes (selective location) No
Early bird reg fee SGD45(18km)* & SGD55(30km)* SGD 45
Normal reg fee SGD55(18km)* & SGD65(30km)* SGD 50
Early bird end date 31. Aug. 2012 31. Jul. 2012
Runners Entitlemen Newton Running Singlet SGD29.9, Newton Running Shocks SGD19.90, Finisher Medal, Lucky Draw Adidas Running singlet. Other items information not available from the website
* fees not included the run with purchase of mio watch

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