Monday, August 20, 2012

Running out of breath - McRitchie Walk

When to McRitchie for a walk yesterday with wantet. Wantet is so generous borrow me her solomons shoes as I only have a training shoes and a running shoes. The shoes is great. But the trail make me out of breath. I walked until the T-junctions (about 1km before the HSBC Tree Top), that make the distance about 3.2 then received a call from wantet as she already reach the tree top ranger hut and asked me where am I. I asked her if she finished then just come out so that we can go for lunch as the day is late and both of us were starving.
Trail Running always good to build up your cardio especially the McRitchie Trail. It consist of a lots of up and down slopes. Yesterday was crowded there as many runners went there for training as well (with bladder and nice shoes).
McRitchie Trail, we will be back. I will try the running next week.

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