Thursday, August 23, 2012

Training - Over push myself may kill

I did my routine run yesterday. Suppose I only plan to do the short and relax run after a tiring work and lack of sleep. But after I did a round (about 5.85km) I decided to push myself a little bit more. So I make another round.
During the run, I am feeling still fine. Just a little bit thirsty (as I use to not bringing any hydration) and my heart beat looks fine as well. But by the time I reached home. I felt exhausted. I drank a bottle of 500ml isotonic drink (100plus) then a glass of water (about 200ml). Follow with shower and dinner. During the dinner, I felt not comfortable. So I only ate a plum and a slice of pear then some soup. After the dinner, I totally drained off. I felt I cant even support my body weight and I told my friend who also did a run that I felt exhausted and I need to lie down immediately. So I lie down and still chatting with my friend. But within 5 mins I told her I really need to sleep and stop the chatting. 
I felt cold and totally exhausted. My heart beats gone abnormal and I cant sleep as well. I became nervous thinking will I die? Is this what they said that over-push for training and the heart just stop? I was thinking should I alert my family and asked them to send me to hospital? My whole body is shaking. I can fell my whole body in cold and my muscles cramping. I know that was due to my irregular heart rate. I started to take a few deep breath and start to count my breath. From 1 to 10 and repeat it again and again. There are a lots of things came into my mind and I even leave a simple will in my phone sms draft to tell my family whats my plan for all the saving money I had if they could not wake me up the next morning. Not now, I told myself, I got to finish the half marathon and there were lots of things I got to do before I die.
I tried to concentrate and continue to count my breath. The next moment I open my eyes, it was 2:05am. I felt much better by the time, my heart rate back to normal and I woke up because I was too thirsty. Drank a little bit of water. I checked on my alarm clock and continue my sleep.
Well, lesson learn, do not push yourself for long run if you do not have enough rest. It may kill. Like what my friend said, 'there always a next run'. 

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