Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend getaway - McRitchie Walk-Run

Salomon Trail Run shoes
Went to McRichie again over the weekend. Mainly to accompany my friend for her trail run training. Thanks to wantet. Giving me her Salomon Women's XA Pro 3D Ultra Trail shoes. This is my first time going to trail with the trail running shoes and its good. The shoes make every steps count as they really gripes on the ground. With my backpack and the nice shoes, I started to go in the trail first when my friend still doing the warm up exercise as I know later on she will overtook me. 
The best thing about the McRitchie trail is its consist of some up and down slope for the first 2-3km from the start point and that makes the trail run/walk more fun. Dont be surprise to see big crowd and a lots of trail runners doing their routine training here. Where you can go for training in Singapore? well, seems this is the only best place you can get. Thanks to the National Park Board, with the park connector, it allow the long distance runners able to perform their training. I manage to walk-run until the ranger station which is about 4.1km from the park entrance and make a U-turn, going out with the same road. It took me 1:32 mostly walking and doing some short-run in down-slope. Its really fun going back to nature where you can just shake off all stress from life or work behind and just enjoy every moment with the fresh air.

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