Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yellow Ribbon Run 2012 ,reminder email

Reminder email for yellow ribbon Run 2012Received the reminder email about the race pack collection this morning. Now they have the run clinic by Mr Mok Ying Ren on 2 Sept 2012. For the runners, remember to collect your race pack for the upcoming Yellow Ribbon Run 2012.
Count down about 28 days before the race. Here is the race details.  They do provide the transportation from certain location on the race day to ease the runners. Sometime is quite headache and mostly will endedup taking taxi/cab down to the race place for morning race like this. But with the services, with extra of SGD3, they help you to solve the big issues. You just need to register and pay online, print out the paper and wait at the pick up point on time, jump on the bus and sleep. :p
Looking forward for the racepack collections and the run. Happy Running !!!

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