Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bad things Running in Gym Treadmill

GoFit Ultimate Pro Gym Recently i was too busy with my work, coming home quite late in time and most of the time the day already dark and part of the places in the park connector with no lights hence I picked up the treadmill in the gym room for my training.
Bad things about running in treadmill.
1) I have to press the button to increase the speed or slow down. Well, running outside in the park, I just need to move my legs or increase/decrease the strides.
2) Soft surface,the treadmill providing soft surface and if you never run in a harder surface for your training, you may suffer pain for the real race day.
3) There is always someone waiting. Well, each machine have a paper stated 20mins of use, I use 30mins slow run to warm up normally. After warm up, I have to give way to others if there is other person waiting for the equipment.
4) Some treadmill not properly calibrated. Better use your own device (or secondary devices) for tracking as the distance may not be accurate.
5) Times up, you have to go home. Yes, there is a open and close time. Open only at 7am (I already heading out for work), and close at 10pm (all the machines still occupy from5-10pm, how to run).

seems like i have to go out and run or think of the alternative to run since I cant really do my proper training in gym room.
only 30 mins run done today. Feel so bad looking at my training calendar.

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