Friday, September 7, 2012

Cheated in my long run

Cheated my long run yesterday breaking the 11km hump and did my 12km. yeah!!!
After the previous training run 11km, I am having phobia with my long run. Making only 7-8km next but how to go for the half marathon if my mileage stay in this stage? Going for 10km run and 10km walk?
So, I cheat. I went to stadium. With soft tracks I start to do my run. After 6km, I take a 15 seconds water break and continue until 8km another 10seconds break , then run in comfort pace through out until 11.2km. Did the last two track run with run walk (slow run for 400m and 400m walk). That's how I did my 12km.
Good to run in track as now I don't have observed any pain just a bit soreness on the legs.
Well, way the go, hope that I can slowly increase the mileage every week. Also I am worried that I will be too comfortable with the stadium track and will soon suffer the hard tar surface run. Seems like I need to adjust my training schedule with only long run in stadium and my short and medium run in normal track road.
Happy running..

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