Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Newton Challenge 2012 - Nice Event (review)

I went for Newton Challenge last weekend 28 Oct 2012. Woke up early 3am in the morning and get prepared for the day race. Reached the shuttle bus area around 4am and there were already many runners there waiting for the bus. All full gear. (Yes, I purchase the shuttle bus services with SGD 6 so that I do not need to pay for the taxi early in the morning). I registered for the 18km run as a headsup for my year end Standard Chartered 2012 half marathon run and the flagged off time for 18km was 6am while for 30km was 5.30am. The bus leave on 4.30am and reached East Coast Park near the Big Splash on 5am.
Surprisingly the baggage deposit area was not crowded (as most of the even I'd went to, the baggage deposit and collection is a disaster), wondering is it because of the crowd went to Adidas KOTR run?! I snapped a few photos using my phone but because the day still dark, only 1-2 photos are ok to share here.  Ok, continue the story. I was there when the 30km flagged off, surprisingly, they never running out of runners. 
After some warmed up, (the host playing 'Opah Gangnam Style' songs as a warm up songs) lol. The flagged off for 18km sharp on 6am which is really good. Along the run, I tried to pace myself as this will be the longest run in my life as previous during my training the longest i went was 14.2km. The pacing looks good until I hit about 4km. Why? I started to play 'toilet hunt' .. yes, I had urgency need to go to the toilet for some 'BIG' business but the sad thing was the public toilet do not have any toilet paper and I never brought along tissue as well. I was running in and out the public toilet every time I saw one. It was really a disaster for me. As after that, I was trying to speed up to catch up sometime. The whole toilet games continue until about 8-9km mark where there was a time taken checkpoint and a portable toilet. Yes, finally, a toilet with toilet tissue. I went in but unable to do my 'big' business as i was too stress (there were Q outside), so I continue my run and its was really bad.
As I hit around 14km, the sun already way up high and i know i will be dead under the sun. Holding myself and tried to keep running, I was really not in good condition and kept thinking that will I poisoned myself by holding my p**? but then I kept telling myself there is no turning back now, only one solution, run till the end point and go home for toilet. 
So I started to insert walk after 15km mark. The rest of 3km was like a 100 miles for me that time. But still, I was able to make it till the end point with turtle timing.
Honestly, I felt really ashamed of myself. Well, seems like I was not well prepared and some lesson learn through out the run as well.
Talked about the event. It was well organized. A lots of portable toilet at the start/end point where you do not need to queue long and the best part is, ice cool towel provided after your run so you can cool yourself down and clean up as well. and what else? watermelon, 'tao hua' soya bean desertm ice cream, banana and cool pocari isotonic drinks. The cool drinks is not just at the end point, they were serving cool drinks through out the whole run in all the water point. Thumbs up for the organizer for this. Overall, it was a race that you should not miss.   Although they never provide the live tracking of time but the result was out within 72 hours. Bravo..
Mark your calendar and see you next year.
I hope next year I can be Ninja turtle :p
Check your this year result here <Newton Challenge 2012 Result>

Newton Challenge 2012 Morning StageNewton Challenge 2012 - Volunteers preparing the towel

Newton Challenge 2012 - Start point, ops am i late?Newton Challenge 2012 - flagged off and finally I can see the start point

Newton Challenge 2012 - Nice Morning ViewNewton Challenge 2012 - Nice Morning View, can you see the airplane?

Newton Challenge 2012 - never stop runningNewton Challenge 2012 - 15km marker, I was half dead but the girl who did 30km was so strong and overtook me. Hardcore runner.Newton Challenge 2012 - Finally I see bright
Newton Challenge 2012 - FoodNewton Challenge 2012 - Singing Opah Gangnam StyleNewton Challenge 2012 -Yes !! we all make it !!

Newton Challenge 2012 18km Finisher MedalNewton Challenge 2012 18km Finisher Medal

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