Sunday, October 7, 2012

No Frills Run - You just need to run, Cheapest Run ever

If you stay in Singapore and always sign up for running event like me, well, you will know, through out the years, you spend quite a lot for signing up all those event. 
For me, sometime I just enjoy running with others (normally I am doing training alone). But signing up for those race really a heart pain. (the cheapest I got so far was about SGD30 after discount and early bird). Average for the race signup is about 40-45 Singapore Dollars with some free goodie and running singlet. But hey, no more singlet as I am having too many now and the registration fees for the run is increasing every year. (My salary dont even increase in such high %)
So, here is a run, with cheapest registrations fee and what you need to do, is just enjoy the run. You pay for your safety and you pay for the drinks. You want the running singlet. Pay extra SGD15. No Frills Run.

This year, they are having 10km and 5km run. For 10km you only need to pay SGD13 while for 5km fun run is only SGD8. Yes, it blows my mind after seeing the registrations fee. When is it? A week after the Standard Chartered Singapore Run, which is 8 Dec 2012. Registration close on 4 Nov 2012. Faster go grab your slot. [Registration].

Am I going to join the run? Well, I have a big run on 2 Dec 2012 (as what you can see from my calendar, I am doing half marathon), not sure I am still able to run on 8Dec or not. But I do consider to signup for the volunteering work for the event. (you don't need to run for all the event, sometime, it makes you feels good to just shoot or helping the runners in a racfe).
Sign up for volunteer [Details]. You can get a free shirt :D

Lets BYOB. [Bring your own bottle] and be environmental friendly. (I feel bad everytime seeing runners throwing the plastic cup all over the places but not the dustbin. For me, if I ran passed the dustbin, I will just keep the cup in my pocket and throw it whenever I see the next bin along the road. Please be environment friendly and don't throw the cup all over the place as the after race cleaning work is always hectic. A small cup will not slow you down for your run. Trust me, you still able to run with good timing with the tiny cup in your pocket. 

Happy running and hope see you soon in the next event !!

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