Thursday, November 8, 2012

Better 5k Run

Recently, after running for so many months, when I look back to all the running. (in both runkeeper and During March 2012, I did my 5.7km in almost an hour timing. April, 5.59km with 45.51 mins. June 5.11km with 37.04mins and today the same 5.11km took me 36.12mins. I still hope that one day I can finished my 5km within 25 mins.  For some people maybe that is consider as easy task but for sure not for me. Not for a couch potato who never exercise all along since high school till now the middle age. Even wana shake off 2-3 mins timing is a tough mission for me considering all the other factors like not able to run due to too tired after work or injured myself etc.
But I do believe from what I read from the book, after you did a longer run, your shorter distance may improve.
hope so.

Happy running.

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