Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crazy November, I have a race run almost every weekend

This November 2012 is really crazy. Start from the beginning, I only had one race registered which was the 100plus passion run. But after that, the salomon X-trail kick in due to I can registered through corporate with better rate (I paid only SGD40 for the run). Then during travelling to Cebu, Philipine, the Hotel Elizabeth 1st Royal Run kick in which I paid only 300peso. Seems like only first week of the month I was not running but following every weekend I have a run. 
The salomon X-trail (10km) will be this weekend at Tampines Bike trail. Raining season recently should be able to make it a dirty muddy run then. Hope everyone enjoy the run. I just hope I would not get any injury during the run as I have my half marathon on the following week (yes I cam crazy). The half marathon is so important for me as this will me my lifetime first half marathon and also the longest run I will make for this year.
Good luck to all the runners and good luck to myself as well. 
Seems I just need to tell myself to keep running and aim for only finishing the race by not forcing myself too much on the timing (as I am still in the stage of building up).
Check my running calendar [HERE]

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