Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hotel Elizabeth 1st Royal Run Ayala Terraces Cebu

went to cebu for travelling last weekend and manage to registered and took part in one of the running event on 18 Nov 2012 (Hotel Elizabeth 1st Royal Run at Ayala Terraces Cebu) - 8km run.
Previous day of the run we were went to some other place and only manage to get back to Cebu city around 7pm. Had dinner and did some pasalubong shopping, by the time we got home was around 10pm. Had to got up from bed before 4am because the run was around 5:15am and there were 4km, 8km and 16km categories. We registerd for 8km by paying 300peso. (exchange rate for SGD to Peso was 33.4) which means we paid around SGD9 for the run. This is the cheaper run I paid so far and also this is my first run in other place than Singapore.
Nice experience to run at Cebu. Although we had to run in the middle of the road sometime (as the jeepney will taking both inner lane for both side), but the run was well manage and organized. My friend wantet even pace me all the way. I was started too fast but feeling tired when I hit 4km distance. But she was there to encourage me all the way until I'd finished the whole race. Thanks to you, pal.
The finisher cert and the goodies bag really nice and this is my first time to get an egg and a small bottle of cough syrup in the goodies (the sponsors give out the cough syrup and this really make my friends and I scratching our heads thinking what to do the cough syrup with running), beside that, a bottle of mineral water, a bottle of gatorade, 2 pieces of pandesal bread (my favourite), a pen, a note pad and a paper fan.
There were no running chip but when we past by some check point, we were given the blue and red string and to avoid the string get lost, we just wore it on our neck. I did not brought along my shoe pod but the running time in my watch detected I did the run in 56 mins 41 seconds.
Nice run and thanks to the organizer for the event and my friend wantet.

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