Sunday, November 25, 2012

Salomon X-Trail 2012

I woke up around 5am today and took the earliest bus sbst 168 towards Tampines today for the Salomon X-Trail 2012 at Tampines Bike Park.
The place was already full of runners early in the morning (I reached there before 7am). The Q for the bag deposit and toilet is not long and that is really nice. There is only one flag off time at 7.30am for all the categories. There even provide banana and drinks before the race start and this is really good as banana helps during the run (for me, i will always bring my own banana). I was somewhere behind and by the time I passed the starting point, I think the gun time showing 0:00:40.
The event was quite well organized with very nice muddy route plan. At first I was trying to avoid mud but after 2km when the water went into my shoes, I told myself no more avoiding the mud, time to have fun and finished this things fast so that I can remove my shoes. The trail mostly are narrow and everyone have to line up to past the narrow trail or some obstacle. That really slow me down but with the mind set I just want to finish the race, I finish it within the cut-off time (almost exceed the 2hrs cut off time :p)
The race is really a nice race and I have to special thanks to the volunteer and the runners who help people up for the last big muddy drain (which they claimed a lots of runners lost theirs shoes there), the water is quite deep and lastly special thanks to wantet snapped my photos when I am about to cross the finished line and my muddy shoes after the race :p
oh a final thing, the host mentioned that the result will make available within 24 hours. Just check the Salomon X-trail result from Here. 
Early morning at Salomon X-Trail 2012, Tampines Bike Park

Early morning at Salomon X-Trail, Tampines Bike Park

waiting for flag off, Salomon X-trail 2012 at Tampines Bike Park

Bag Deposit at Salomon X-trail 2012

In trail, smells the green from the wood, salomon X-trail 2012Traffic jam, Salomon x-trail 2012

A lots of people lost their shoes here, salomon x-trail 2012

Me near to the finished line, salomon x-trail 2012

my muddy shoes, salomon x-trail 2012

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