Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tiring Morning Run

           Woke up early around 7.30am on Saturday morning, without wasting time, I just changed into my running attire wearing my favourite 'Yellow Ribbon Event shirt', I went out for my morning run. No more excuses for myself to be lazy on the bed. Since I signed up for the ultra by end of this year, I think its time I start to take my training more seriously and make sure I had clock enough of mileage so that I can finish the 50km on Sep. 
            I was tired today and feels thirsty after my 1.5km run. I think mainly because I did not hydrate myself before started the run and this is really bad. I felt tired after my 2km run and wondering should I only do a small round of run which is about 3.6km or should I go nera 5km. After 2.5km, I decided to take the turn and go for 5km run telling myself if later I really feels tired, I maybe will stop and walk. All the way, I keep on telling myself, it is just a short run for today, only 5km, how to run 50km if I quit in the 5km run and yes, I am able to finished it.
           Maybe due to my training run always done during late evening causing my condition is not so good for morning run especially when the sun is out up high. I should gel in morning run in my plan, I told myself. 
Overall for todays run, the timing is still ok but my heartbeat seems a bit gone wild. I think probably due to tire body and dehydrated. 
I hope I can clock nearly 40-50km weekly but seems this week I just did twice the run, Wednesday with 7.7km and today with 5.6km. Total only 13.3km. Lack of 30km. Need to work hard towards the target :D

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