Sunday, February 17, 2013

11 Feb - 17 Feb 2013 Training

Keep track for my run on this week. For 11 Feb 2013 till 17 Feb 2013.
Trying hard to stay on the training track but this is definitely not easy especially now busy with some new projects and after work, I was too tired and dragging myself home.
But still, able to get the weekend fully utilized. On Saturday, although not enough of sleep, my friend and I still insist going down to McRitchie trail. I did a short and slow 8km back and forth to ranger station from the  Mcritchie main CP. Raining on and off but luckily it never went too heavy pour. Sunday which is today, cloudy and looks like going to rain anytime. But still, I managed to drag my heavy legs to nearby road for a spin. Thinking to do 5km but the weather today just perfect for a windy run. So I did two round and clocked with 11km. woohoo.. 
I realized now my heart not flying like previously. This two last run, I was manage to keep the heart rate below 171. Is it a good thing? well, I am not sure but I realized that once I keep my heart rate below 170, I can go slightly far. VO2 intake still remain the same, low low low.. No idea how to increase this but read from the article if this value is high means your hearts able to transmit the Oxygen to your muscle more efficient. So I think should have higher the better then.
Anyway, happy workout and hope I am able to stay on the training track and clocking enough mileage.

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