Sunday, February 3, 2013

Can running helps to clear up your mind?

Can running helps to clear up your mind? Well, it depends.
I take my case. There are some days where I feel anxiety to myself. Getting frustrated and feels that why do I exist in this world. Then, what's next? I will try to hurt myself and people around me. I become moody and talk like a bitch. Yes, I do. Even though I use to present mysel as a cold and calm minded person. But there are some days I just can't help it.
What I did today? It's drizzling outside. I wear my jacket (the Salomon light weight wind breaker that given by my friend as a birthday present but I just hurt her) and the cap.
I went out for a run. I have a slow pace but today I keep on thinking on how frustrated I am to myself. I warmed up then run. The rain is just nice for a cool run. Drizzling all the way. My mind still playing on what I said that hurt the people around me. I felt angry and hate myself so much. I speed up. Keep running until I run out of breath. Yes, increase my pace till I feel my breathing going fast, taking air from my nose and blow it hard out from my mouth and my minds clear. In my min only one thing, keep breathing.
After the 6km run, seriously, I just feel good that I am still alive and still breathing hard. That's the time, all my frustrated gone. I just feels good that I am alive.
:) first time, I feel that running can be so cool. Thanks to my friend who introduce this to me.
Happy running!

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