Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Full Marathon Training

I have been running near a year. The longest I did was 18km in the Singapore Newton Challenge on Oct 2012. I registered for Singapore Standard Chartered Half Marathon on Dec 2012 but dropped out due to I was very ill that time.
This year, I am thinking to try my limit. Registered the Malaysia Standard Chartered Full Marathon which will take place on 30 June 2013 and TMBT (The Most Beautiful Thing, Sabah Trail 50km).
Well, once I registered for full marathon, I told myself, hey, no kidding, I better clock enough of mileage and have a training plan and at least try to follow the plan. Time is running out. Now I only have less than 5 months before my first full marathon and now I am still clocking less than 20km a week and this is so not good.
Surfing around online for at least a plan, a suitable training plan. I picked up Hal Higdon Training program for full marathon. Why him? I read his book before and his training plan seems easier to follow as what you need to do is just get your butt out from your house and run. No matter how long you take but try to get the miles and secondly, the training plan for 18weeks which is 4 mths plus, that suit me as I am having less than 5 mths.
I pick up his training schedule for Intermediate 1. Not sure I can do it or not but I am telling myself, just try, the most I will just ended up DNF in the KL run on June :p
Today is my first day following the week1 plan,  its showing wednesday I need to do 5 miles which is about 8.05km, but today I only did 7km (5.62km in race pace & 1.52km warm down). Its always not easy to train especially you are exhausted after work. Like today, I was feeling dizzy and headache but I force myself to run and running do help to de-stress as I am stress up with some project.
Tomorrow, I will need to do about 5km. I hope I can still follow the schedule, if not (tomorrow is Valentines Day what :p), maybe I just push it to Friday. Well, the schedule is flexible to change. Just as long as I am able to clock the mileage required in the week. :D
Wish me luck and I hope I can finish the full marathon :D
Happy Running!!!

More about Hal Higdon training plan, click HERE.
About who is Hal Higdon? click HERE.
What wikipedia said about Hal Higdon. Click HERE.

Marathon Training Schedule: Intermediate 1
1 Cross 3 5 3 Rest 5 m pace 8
2 Cross 3 5 3 Rest 5 9
3 Cross 3 5 3 Rest 5 m pace 6
4 Cross 3 6 3 Rest 6 m pace 11
5 Cross 3 6 3 Rest 6 12
6 Cross 3 5 3 Rest 6 m pace 9
7 Cross 4 7 4 Rest 7 m pace 14
8 Cross 4 7 4 Rest 7 15
9 Cross 4 5 4 Rest Rest Half Marathon
10 Cross 4 8 4 Rest 8 m pace 17
11 Cross 5 8 5 Rest 8 18
12 Cross 5 5 5 Rest 8 m pace 13
13 Cross 5 8 5 Rest 5 m pace 20
14 Cross 5 5 5 Rest 8 12
15 Cross 5 8 5 Rest 5 m pace 20
16 Cross 5 6 5 Rest 4 m pace 12
17 Cross 4 5 4 Rest 3 8
18 Cross 3 4 Rest Rest 2 Marathon

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