Monday, February 18, 2013

How to clean the hydration bladder

Here i would like to show you how to clean your hydration bladder. I am using the hydration bladder 1.5L from the brand Source. Why I use the Source brand? the tube is detachable and there are cap for the mouth bites. Why need to clean the bladder? well, sometime we are not just fill it up with water, we may put in some electrolyte if just leave the water there, it may create mold. (note: I am not using any cleaning agent/tablets)

 first, removed the bladder from your bag. Filled it up with some water and rinse it few times.

 detached the tube and wash it under the running water having the tube fill up with water. Remember to press on the bite heads so that the water can fill the tube up.

After filled up with water, lift up the other side and press on the mouth piece. Repeat this to clean the tube

 I just slot in the tube in the bladder like the photo. This is to prevent the bladder able to dry quickly. As the tube will be able to expand the wet bladder.

Now, you need a hanger to hang your bladder.
 Last step, just hang the hanger on something and let the bladder there for one or two days and it will dry up and now you can keep it.

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