Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its not easy but I will try hard

RUNNING is easy. All of us know how to Run ever since after we know how to walk. Running constantly or in other word, running daily to clock enough of mileage for your training, this is definitely not as easy as I thought. The commitment, the discipline, and nevertheless, the tiring body after a long day work.
How to drag your tired body out from the comfortable sofa, make your heart pump hard enough?
I always have discipline problem. I am the type of person that will easily felt bored with new hobbies. Running is no exceptions for me. But the only thing that makes me keep going, is to keep challenge my self with either time or distance. I will try to do a short run even though I am tired. But I make sure I did not push myself too hard. At least 3 days run per week, that is my current target. Regardless of distance and speed. Whenever I feels better, I will do my long run or sometime I will slightly increase my speed. 
If you have a running buddy, well, you are so lucky. At least some one is there to push you whenever you feel lazy. Me, I only did the weekend trail run together with my friend wantet.

For the month of February, here is what I clocked for the road & trail running. (exclude warm down walk).
I hope next month I can clocked better distance although my work schedule is getting tight up and more OT.
February 2013 trainin

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