Sunday, March 3, 2013

first march run, its full of tears

After resting for a few days (due to busy projects and tired with work), today I was thinking to do my weekly long run. Today suppose to clocked 9.6km.
I went out for a run after the whole day sitting in front of the computer doing some survey and reading some books. 
As per normal, I just warmed up and started to run with my race pace. But after 2km, I suffered pain on my outer part of both legs near the ankle. I was trying to hold the pain (soreness pain) and keep going until I reached 3.6km marker. The pain is getting worse and I was tearing. I stopped at 3.6km and did some stretching at the ankle part. Feeling the muscles there was so tight up. Hope that stretching can help to loose them up. After  few minutes stretching, feeling its not so painful, I continue my run. Well, at the minimum I still need to get home. Thinking I will just walk if the soreness remain. I started to run very slow keeping my heart rate below 150. After reached near my place (the start point) and feeling still ok, I decided to continue my run and hope that I can clocked the required mileage needed for today. 
I know this is not a wise choice but I really want to loose my feet up and after did 10km, I stop. The soreness is gone around 6km but I dont know how will it be the after effect.
I am just wondering how the soreness suddenly hit me as I never experience such things before for the past 1 year of my run. 
Probably this is due to the over-dose coffee for the past week.

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