Friday, March 29, 2013

Fixing my foot pain with Kt tape

I am suffering the front part of the foot pain on my left near the ankle.
Surfing around and follow the video applying the Kt tape and here it goes.
I suspect mine is due to bad landing for my long run and I was wearing my Nike barefoot with less cushioning make the condition worse.
Train hard is easy, train smart is not as easy as I thought. Well, seems I have to let my feet recover and do only short short distance. :(
So what's next? I just crossed my fingers and hope this things work. 
For how to apply the tape, you can refer the videos here.

KT tapefront legs, KT tapefront legs, KT tape

The next morning, after I took shower, the KT tape that tape on my legs to feet already lifted up. I had to removed it. But the tape still able to support for my feet and reduce the pain when I took stair case or walk. On the 2nd day, after shower, here is what happen to the KT Tape. seems all lifted up. Well, looks like its only able to stay for about two days for me. I decided to remove all of them and massage my feet with the Tiger-balm active cream to reduce the pain. How about putting new KT tape? maybe not as its quite expensive (buying with a box 22 stripes with 23 dollars which means 1 stripes is more than SGD1 and putting for the front legs like this needed two stripes. (>.<) X..x .. expensive !!
front legs, KT tapefront legs, KT tape

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