Monday, March 25, 2013

Long run 19km

I am still trying HARD to follow the Hal higdon training plan for my first full marathon. I did my longest run 19.1km (suppose to clock 12miles which is 19.3km) over the weekend following the intermediate training program 1 for week-5.
Meaning next week my longest run will be down the mileage back to 9miles which is about 14.5km.
I was quite busy with work recently. Not able to do my run and clocked the mileage required but still I am trying hard to have the long run.
What problem I am facing now?
1) not enough mileage
2) no energy food intake yet.
I am quite worried about the food intake as I am not use to gel or chewy energy food as I find it yucky. But I am quite worried about it, wondering can I finish the run without taking any energy gel etc.
well, this week, we plan to go for a flat road running and hiking since we are having a long weekend this week.
Happy running.


  1. Hi, your concern is pretty much the same i am having now, but only my goal is for half marathon thou.. About essential of food intake, neccesity of consume gel and stuff (my naive thinking its totally meant for pro athletes only). Im at my 14km long run but i guess i'll find the answer some day. I enjoy reading your entry. Thanks

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting. i believe that taking seriously into the food is a good practice. Although now maybe we are not going for a very far distance but soon this will play a very important part and help your body up for the run.
    all the best for your run!! :D