Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Radlight Lantau explorer 15 & lantau50 map in

Hi all,

I'd uploaded the gpx files into moves count.
If you joined the run but the map is the one you don't have, you can get the map here now. Below is the steps by steps.

1) Login to ur movescount>go to community tab>get stuff>route, there is a google map there, at the search bar type Lantau, it will zoom to Lantau island, mouse over to the moves.
2) For Lantau50, the name will be 'Lantau 50, 2013', for explorer15, the name aill be 'Lantau Explorer 15, 2013'
3) just click on the one you had participate, it will bring you to the details of the map, now click on 'save this route' button on the right corner
4) you just need to go to you moves and click edit moves, under the map, there is a 'select route' on the top, click it and select the route you had just save.
Any issue, let me know. Happy moves counting!!!

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