Sunday, March 24, 2013

Raidlight Lantau Explorer 15/50/100 Result 2013

The result for all three categories is out. But seems like they are having some problem with the bar-code timer system. Quite a number of runners was not shown up in the list. Mine as well. I dropped an email to them and told them my timing (based on my suunto quest timing) for the category I was joining and provide them the information such as name, my bib number etc.
The person in charge very quickly reply my email telling me they are going to update the list on the same day of the night. The next day when I check again, yes the bib number and the timing is there. But since when I am a male runners from USA? This make me wonder is it I was been given the wrong bib number as the number I got suppose to belong to a male runners? mmm.. well, nevermind. As long as I participate and enjoy the run. :D

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