Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston marathon 2013

Today as per normal, I went to office early and try to finish urgent in hand projects. My friend wantet what'sapp me about the sad news in Boston Marathon which took place on yesterday. I am so shock with the news.
I put down all the work and open the browser in my desktop and search for the news. It's very sad to see that. Bombing in a sports event.
Running a Boston marathon is like a dream. Everyone can finish a marathon just the matter of how long you will take. To qualify for Boston, you have to run in a race with IAAF qualify and clock a very good timing (within specific time for different age group). It's not easy. It's not just you can run, you have to run fast enough.
Browsing the photos, reading all the news, my heart sink deeper and deeper. Why? Why they want to injure the runners. They had trained so hard and waiting for that day. Running has nothing to do with politics. Why they target runners?!
Reading some comment in Facebook. Some Malaysian runners started to post that they are fine. Glad to hear that. But some remains no news at this point of time. I just hope everyone is fine.
It's a sad day for Boston marathon since its begun in 1897.
My prayers goes to the runners safety. Please no more tragedy for sports events.

Ps: attached the Boston qualifying timing

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