Sunday, April 14, 2013

Running from Woodlands to Lower Seletar Reservoir

 Going to Lower seletar reservoir is always my dream when I first day started to run a year ago. I was surveying the road in google map and keep imagining I will be running there from woodlands area. Today finally, I ran there. I started the run quite late at 7:15am and reached Lower Seletar at 8.36. Feeling still good, i just walked around the area and snap some photos. Not dare to hang out too long as its getting hot due to the sun, I started to move back.
I started back my watch at 8:47 due to accidentally pressed and stopped the watch at 8:46am when I am about to move back. Still feeling good, I stopped by in the supermarket and buy myself pocari isotonic drinks and some mangos (put the mangos in my bladder bag - well, aunty style, we shop anytime, any where).
All the way I was feeling just fine until I hit 5km on my way back. Where the sun is so hot and the area is open and I realized i forgot to bring cap. Where I felt I no longer can proceed to run and I stopped and start to walk. The things never turns to be good. After walked for about 3km, something hit me. I was drained and keep yawning. My heart rate seems ok but I feel so exhausted and drained and my feet refuse to move anymore. I am not sure what is that, probably due to the heat as its really hot at that point of time. After I crossed the last traffic lights and my home is just 3km away. I cant continue anymore. I felt that I maybe going to die any minute. I take the last breath and dropped a call to home. My brother picked up his handphone. I asked him where he is (as he sometime got to work on weekend). He said home. I told him, 'Brother, I think I am going to die soon, I am at ave1, about 3km away, can you please come and fetch me'. He laughed at beginning but next seconds he sense the seriousness. While waiting for him, I just sat down beside the road with all the ants. The place where I sat down is a busy road, lots of cars pass by and the driver just stare me with curious look. I have no energy to think what they would think and I dont even care. All in my head is breathing and keep breathing.
After a few minutes, I decided to shift. I walked to the bus stop which is about 100m from where I am. After i reach the bus stop, again, i felt very bad. Hard to breath, and I just the remaining energy to text my friend wantet who also did the morning run that day. She called me immediately and I told her I have no energy to talk but I think I am fine as my brother is on his way to fetch me.
After a while, my brother is here and I boarded his car, feeling much much better after the rest and at least I was not so nervous anymore thinking I maybe die alone on the street. Now at least someone in my family is with me, anything happen to me, they know. The first question my brother asked me was ' do you know you may get kill?' and i said 'yes. thats why I called you'.
Thanks God I am still alive. (Bersyukur)
I analyst with my friend wantet, what is really hit me. We both agree the heat from the hot weather. So guys, train smart but not hard and most importantly, hydrate yourself smartly (not over or under-hydrate).
I am not sure can I really make it and able to really finish a full marathon or even any distance more than half marathon. But, this definitely will not stop me from training. Dying outdoor definitely better than die with heart attack in the office. 
Thanks to my friend wantet, my brother and my family for all the support. Bersyukur I am still here to update my blog and share my experience.
woodlands to seleater

seletar back to woodlands

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