Monday, April 1, 2013

Do you have the guts to Run!!!

I like trail and I do hope one day I can run in and out from trail like a jungle person. Seriously, I do think that. One day when I am strong enough to do so.
Why trail is awesome, its rolling, its exciting and not boring. Unlike road running which is more to mental challenge.
But today, my friend sent me a link in facebook, its about an experience trail runners from Philippine who get lost in the trail during the race. Yes, trail is no funny at all. You have to make sure you have sufficient water and food and know a little bit about navigations. I told myself and I got worried about the TMBT (Borneo The Most Beautiful Things) that I should be joining on Sept 2013.
First, I dont know how to navigate. Yes I am very very bad with navigations.
2nd, I dont have running partners. (Due to I am slow runners and quite weak, mostly people will just shake me off).

One part of me asking myself am I prepared for this, physically no as you can see I only did 19km as for now. But another part of me telling me, that will be the chance I have, to turn myself from what I want to. The adventure me who is hidden deep down in my heart from young. I have to let her out.
Still, I couldn't calm myself down. What if ... What if the word 'What if' happen to me during the race? This bring me back to my Lantau15 run experience. Where there was some part, I was running alone and wondering am I going to the right directions or not as the ribbon/reflector will only be there in certain distance. I just kept running and running until I see the next one or see some other runners to ensure I was in the right track. I was running in day time. What if, when the dark fall. Miss out a turn or a ribbon, definitely will put you in extra miles to find your way back.

My friend wantet asked me 'do you have the guts to run'. We are talking about running in the dark, in the trail, get attack by animals, running out of food, running out of water, temperature drop and you are lost.
Shit, I am really in trouble!!

Well, its too early to say anything from now(trying to calm myself). I can only prepare myself as much as I can and hope for the best.  The world, the Nature will always test us out. How strong we are, can we move to next level, how good we are. Do not under estimate the nature. They give you all the resources to keep you alive, they can just take it back in just a finger snapping time and you are gone. 

Running in trail is no funny at all. If you want trail? Please be safe. All the best to everyone. (including myself). I need to start chewing all the survivor book start from now then. :(

p/s: Read about the Experience Trail runners from Philippine running in HK trail HERE

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