Monday, April 8, 2013

When work started to affect my training

YES, problem again. I am clocking not enough of mileage. 
Been almost a month I clocked less that what I need to clock as I am really busy with work and new projects. Too many things come in to me at the same time.
Today, I decided to try something new. Running home from the office. Well, its quite near to where I stay. Only about 4km away. 
MY colleagues giving me those look that they dont believe that I am going to run back when I started to change my running attire and shoes. Giving me those funny looks :D
Today the weather is pretty bad. It seems like going to have heavy rain anytime. Although its only 6.30pm but it looks like already near 8pm. Its very dark and drizzling all the way. I speed up afraid that it will be raining anytime. But, its a nice run after all although I have to stop on and off for the traffic lights and give way to bicycle and others who using the walk path.
Well, my work is affecting my training and this is the current best solutions I have to get myself out from the sofa and run daily. Not to say clocking any long mileage but at least, I hope that can keep myself fit and destress from the stressful work.
4km is consider a short distance to most of the people but today due to I did it with faster pace, its like I was just finished the 10km run. 

Day 1- Mission accomplish. I told myself, no matter run or walk, try to do that everyday.
Wish me luck and Happy Training to all!!!

From office to home

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