Monday, August 19, 2013

Dragging myself for the weekend run

Yes I know I am clocking not enough of mileage yet. I know I have to get my butt out for training especially for weekend. But sometime, I just get too lazy to move myself. Especially when I have the handphone and all the games in my finger tips :p
Last Sunday, I was suppose to join a running group to do a morning 7am run. But I was too lazy to get up when my alarm rang on 6am and only woke up again at 8.30am. I kept persuading myself to go out and run, finally I chaned and about to stepped out on 9.30am after I finished my breakfast. But I got held up by a phone call, we suppose to pray for my dad on that day but no one had told me. Well, so I ended up travel to my brothers place with my hydration bladder and running outfit.
Finally, finished up everything together with lunch with family and able to hop into the bus around 11:30pm, reached Mcritchie around 12.10 and started my run around 12.30pm. 
It was a hot and humid day and I make up my mind to stop at 5km marker and u-turn back. But my targeted distance get shorter and shorter from 5km back and forth (total 10) become 8km and changed again to 7km( only plan to run 3.5 then u turn). 
When I am about to reach 3km marker, something happen. Another runner who dressed up like a ultra runners overtook me and said hi, asking me when I am heading to. I was totally blank in my mind and said bukit timah which is 10km away from my starting point. He said he is heading there too then he overtook me and went very fast. Well, since the word comes out from my own lips, I have to go till bukit timah now. Ok, still back to my own target as 10km, I told myself, by the time I reach bukit timah, I will stop.
When I reached bukit timah, my hydration bladder left only 100ml of water, where I stopped by and topup the water and took a can of 100plus, after took the isotonic drinks I was feeling more refresh and thinking since I am going to stop here why not doing a hill up and down before I stop. So I did. The bad thing was, the ultra runner guy appeared again when I did my 2nd up hill loop, he said hi and told me I took the easier road, the catchment path. I had yet to try out other path in bukit timah except the catchment, so what I did that day after hitting the summit for 2nd time (clocking abt 11-12km that time) I decided to take a turn to daily farm path and that's the worse decision I had make. The deadly brutal stairs brings me back to Hk Lantau. My weak knees triggered the pain again and I have to slow down and walked up the stairs back to the summit (since I had no idea where all the stairs will bring me to and my weak knees telling me, not today for the new path). So I make a u-turn and back to summit, taking the normal path and going down the hill telling myself ok, time to stop, go home and sleep.
By the time I was about to reach the middle of the hill, oh my god, not again!!! The guy again. He asked me how many loops I am going to do, I smile in pain answering I don't know. From my face I guess he can see I was suffering that time. He asked am I going to go back to Mcritchie?! I smiled back without answering but deep down in my mind I said 'no way'
But guess what? When I reached near the junction between the catchment path I took a turn which I went back to catchment path which will bring me to belukar trail and follow with riffle range then will bring me back to Mcritchie instead of continue my downhill and stop.
Yes I am crazy. I was feeling dead tired that time, but once I stepped in the catchment path, I told myself, there is no turning point as either I went all the way till Mcritchie cause a long the road, no transport, only trail and jungle and a bit of tar road with no cars (very few) and only monkeys.
Guess what, I was able to clock about 20km that day from my initial of 10km target. Hahah.. I have no idea why I continue till the end, maybe I felt that being challenge or what. But in the other hand, I learn that sometime we just need a push or a shoulder tap to help us up to do more distance during the training. If I was running without talking to anyone, I will ended up with only 7km or less for sure.
Happy trail running and thanks to all the trail runners who are so nice to stop by and say hi to me when i was dead tired and less motivated to continue.
Keep running !!!
What other things visited me that day in the trail? Check the photo below.  Yes another snake experience that really freak me out. The snake was just beside me, this snake just did a u-turn but after that he came back again to check where am i, starring at me who took photo of it. Freak me out!!! But I did warned another runner who was passing by and two uncle trekkers, pointing them where is the snake so that they kept themselves away.

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