Monday, September 9, 2013

Race against racism 2013

After few weeks totally idle from running and any other activities, I registered for the race of racism which I only paid sgd25 for the 10km run. The run was held at Marina Bay Sand event plaza. 
I missed the race pack collections last week, luckily they still allowed the runners to collect their race pack on the event day. Thanks to the organizer. The run overall was well organized where there are water point in every 1-1.5km. 
I was dragging myself through out the run. The flagged off was 5.30pm but the sun is still high up. I did not stop for the water in the first water point but I was so regretted as the weather is so hot and I felt that I was dehydrated. Dragging myself through out the whole run and finished with time 1 hr 19 mins in my watch showing 9.1km. 
Beside the 10km run, there are also a 2.7km walk event where you can see there are a lots of elderly is participating. It's nice to see different age group and race are participating in an event like this.
Nice run overall. Thanks to the organizer.
Happy running!!!

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