Monday, September 9, 2013

Jurong lake run 2013

After the run against racism, I joined the jurong lake run the next day.
How is the run? Very bad. Do not misunderstand me, what I mean by bad is my condition is bad during the run. I was suffering diarrhea and have to stop at the lakeside mrt for about 5-10 mins toilet break before I can continue back the run. Dragging myself to finished the rest of the run suffering with the cramp on my tummy and holding the waste in my tummy is really a bad experience. 
My advise, don't hold it, just go to the tubes rest toilet.
After the whole run, I think my timing is quite bad but I don't really care as long as I finish the run :) . The result came out as I am dnf (did not finished) after wrote to the event organizer and their checking on it, they mentioned that they don't have my finished timing as at the last cross, the system was not able to catch my bib time, this may due to my bib was spoilt. For me, I was thinking is it cause I was too slow and they already kept all the tracking devices . Haha
Well, happy running!! Sharing here the medal photo of jurong lake run and runagainst  racism.

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