Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013

KL Standard Chartered Marathon 2013, my lifetime first official full marathon. I have no idea what makes me blur and sign up for this run. Is it too stressful from work or is it due to my friends wantet who always poison me with her race calendar. (Get 2014 race calendar here for South East Asia)
Standard Chartered KL marathon suppose to held on 30 June 2013 but due to haze, the event had been reschedule to 29 Sep 2013. I travelled to KL twice for this event. First on 29 June (since I already bought the ticket and booked the hotel), second was on 27 Sep 2013 (by night train) from Singapore to KL. My friend wantet was already there and to guide me around. (seriously although I am Malaysian, but I really do not know how to get around in many places in Malaysia). Few days before the race day, the weather is gloomy. I wish we will have such weather for the race day.
We booked the A-one hotel which is just walking distance to Dataran Merdeka that will save us some hassle travelling to start point (save some taxi fare, but this year they have the train services started early to cater for the run, thanks to the organizer), but what my concern is travelling after the race where I know I will be hardly can walk that time.
My first marathon and I have wantet to pace me through out the whole run. We agreed to run till 25km and the rest of 25km will be run-walk.
I was quite worried about this run despite I have less hours clock every week. But wantet keep encouraging me.
We ran for 32km and wantet stopped me and we decided to start our power hike due to my pace of running is too slow during that point of time (over 9 mins/km). But for my power hike, i can have 8.30km/mins pace which is faster. We continue to walk as I was not able to run anymore until the last 2km. Wantet told me that we have to dash for the last 2km to get the 6 hrs cut off and I kept telling her to go where I am still suffering muscle stiffness. Until I saw the finishing point where there are a lots of runners there and the clock ticking (its already pass 6 hrs) but I still trying to dash with suffering and painful face and make it with the timing below. Thanks God, I manage to finish the run. 
Special thanks to wantet and sorry for dragging her time as well as she can be easily finished the run with better timing but this round she had to suffer the scotching sun with me. 
Forgot to thanks another person, the 6:00 pacer, a malay guy (Irwan Anuar), who keep asking us to follow him and keep encouraging people. He is such a nice pacer. Thank you bro!! You rock!!

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