Friday, January 10, 2014

U Run Premium Package 2014

Due to inflation or whatever you call it, somehow, the race registration fee is getting more and more higher every year. So this year, I decided to take up the package for URUN from NTUC sports.
For the NTU member, you only need to pay SGD198 to get 4 credit. You use the credit to register some of the nice event (organise by pink apple) in Singapore.
What are this year included event ?
*** the event list updated upon this blog posted, you can get th latest event list here 

After calculating, I think as long as you registered for those full marathon event, this package should be quite worth it. 

Example, if you register to run full marathon for 
1) 2xu compression run (early bird is sgd72, loyalty sgd62)
2) Sundown full marathon (early bird sgd80, loyalty sgd 65)
3) Newton Challenge (based on last year price early bird sgd60 for 32km)
4) Standard Chartered Marathon (based on last year price, early bird, direct mailer or loyalty sgd70, with SCB credit card discount SGD72.25, normal SGD85, normal period with SCB credit card discount SGD80.75, normal SGD95).

Taking the lowest price among the 4 events above and sum up the total
= 62 + 65 + 60 + 70 
=SGD 267.

How much you save? SGD 267 - SGD 198 = SGD 69 (25% discount), this is only if you have loyalty pricing.

If you only a first timer like me, the best price can get should be the early bird price.
= 72 + 80 + 60 + 85
= SGD 297

How much you save? SGD 297 - SGD 198 = SGD 99 (33%)

So, is the package worth it or not? I think you already have the answer.

*image form Usports

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