Monday, January 27, 2014

Usual Saturday with Unusual Training Run

As usual, it's Saturday and I have tk go to the trail. Nothing new, Saturday is the only day I can run nowaday due to the tight schedule and workload. Saturday is the best day ever as Sunday I still can rest and let my body to recover before start for another busy week. 
I was trying to get myself out from the bed earlier but still I failed to do so. 
This week, I planned to have a longer run. Increase of mileage. I know I am way behind from the mileage I need to clock and I don't wish to force myself to it increase too fast and get myself injure. 
Travel down the place via bus after porridge breakfast from KFC (my favorite).
Started the run around 10am. Surprisingly, after being in the same trail for about 3-4 times, now I can feel my fitness level changed. I can run more. Enjoying the current breezy weather in Singapore, I ran down the path and increase my speed for the walking. Feeling good and felt like I am just a small animal running and hopping around the woods. The steps are small, speed are slow, but I do enjoy the whole run. 
Preparing for a race always stressful for me. But it's all about the process, enjoy the run, enjoy the only day of the week in the trail. This makes me looking forward for the coming Saturday. 
My favorite part of the trail, after the 42 stairs steps in the cave path, there is an open breezy part, where you can see all the green, the catchment path, I was surprise that now finally I can run down the steps. Yes running(although my legs are shaking and suffering soreness afterwards) but the downstairs running is awesome. Not fast, but I am confident to put my feet in and increase the speed. Love the trail, love the feeling, it's just simply awesome.

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