Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Its not the strongest who win"

After watching the Kilian's Quest - How I prepare an Ultra, he mentioned that 'Its not the strongest who win' an ultra. This really makes me recalled back how I finished the Translantau50 where I was clocking not enough of mileage during training (Translantau50 2014 race report here). Like what my friend wantet said, you finished the course is not all because that you are lucky, but you plan and you use a strategy. My strategy was taught by wantet, I am slow, so I did not spent too long time in every CP.
I know what I want before reached before the CP, grab and go and I know what is the profile with the small profile paper that wantet prepared for me and me who make a small distance notes.
You study the course, you plan, you train, the chances you finish it will be higher.
Happy trailing !!

Translantau 50km 2014 course map prepared by wantet with my own notes

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