Saturday, May 17, 2014

Its Socks Time !!! RunBikeSwim Expo 2014 @ Suntec Conventions Centre

Sundown race pack collection and RunBikeSwim Expo. Since I am looking for socks replacement, here are some socks promotions / pricing for your reference.
Overall I personally think that compressport providing very good bargain price for their items. Hence I bought 3 pairs of socks paying SGD 49 where each pairs about SGD16.33 (looking for all trail but they running out of trail for my size, hence I mix with two fluo Pink & Orange, the only two colours with my size).
Compressports having bundle sells with package or individual items.
Socks regular price SGD29 now selling SGD19.90.
Package 1, R2Calf Sleeves with run sock Regular SGD108 now become SGD69,
Package 2, 3 pairs of socks (proracing/trail/bike) Regular price is SGD88 now become SGD49.
Others items from Quad = SGD69 (regular price SGD 99), R2 Calf SGD55, (regular price SGD79).
Feetures Socks
Elite Light = SGD 23.20 (Regular price SGD 29)
Elite ultra light = sGD 21.60 (Regular Price SGD 27)
High Performance Light = SGD 15.20 (Regular Price SGD18)
High Performance Ultra Light = SGD 14.40 (Regular Price SGD 18)
Plantar Fasciities Sleeve = SGD 31.20 (Regular price SGD 39).
Injinji (Running Lab)
SGD 16 per pair for running socks.
Drymax SGD 13 - SGD 23
RunBikeSwimExpo 2014, compressport

RunBikeSwimExpo 2014, Feetures

RunBikeSwimExpo 2014, RunningLab, Injinji and drymax

RunBikeSwimExpo 2014, RunningLab, Compressport Fluo

RunBikeSwimExpo 2014, RunningLab, Compressport Fluo

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