Saturday, May 3, 2014

NTUC Run350

I woke up around 2.30am and took the 3.30am bus from woodlands to the race start point. Very sad that the 21km of this event had to be cancel due to the heavy rain and thunder. The rain came just about 20mins before the start time. All the runners had to squeezed in the tent.  But due to the tent had limited space (with runners sitting on the floor), some runners not able to squeezed themselves in and had to hide under the iron bar but when the rain get heavier, they were all got wet.
The organiser is so nice not just apologise but allow the 21KM runners to join the 10km run which start around 7:30am. But its a fun run. I am ok with this, since already there, I decided to run the 10km. Been very long time since my last road run event. I felt myself no longer can run. (I was like old people crawling on the road).  But still finished the run with 1 hr 13 mins. Crossing the line with big smiling face. :D
Overall event was fun but only thing is the 21km get cancelled due to weather conditions. 

NTUC Run350Run350 with all runners name printed there. Awesome.

Run350 Kids saving some pensNTUC Run350, all the kids game

21km cancelled due to rainAll runners waiting further announcement from organiser

race pack collection on race day

Finished 10km run

Run350 Medal for 21km

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