Sunday, August 17, 2014

DIY roller and stretch ball

Not really DIY actually but kind of saving money to get a roller or stretch ball.
For roller, I bought a PVC 4" pipe 80cm long which cost me about SGD7. 
Well normal roller might cost me more that sgd40. 
It's hard, yes and the roller I use to roll my calf.
You can easily get that from the hardware stores. But please take note on your body weight as I don't want anyone crack the pipe and get injured. 
For how to use the roller, you can easily get it from YouTube video search. 

Besides the pipe, you can use a tennis ball. I got my Wilson 3 for sgd5.90. which is much cheaper as the stretch ball night cost you SGD9.90 each. 
The tennis ball is easy to bring along or just put inside your gym bag so that you can use it anytime you want.  You can use that to roll your back, your hamstring etc. 

Happy rolling!!

roller, running recovery

runner, running recovery

roller, running recovery

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